Artful Cover premade ebook covers from $99
Artful Cover premade ebook covers  - Add a paperback cover for only $75.
Artful Cover romance premade book covers from $99
Artful Cover romance book covers - series branding design and graphics
Artful Cover fantasy premade book covers from $99
Artful Cover custom book cover design  - custom ebook covers from $250
Artful Cover lit fic and chick lit premade ebook covers from $99
Artful Cover horror and science fiction premade book covers from $99
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Your work deserves a professional book cover design.

You’ve spent years honing your craft and worked hard to write, edit, and polish your book. When creating the image that’ll make or break its success, rest easier knowing your cover is in the hands of a professional who’s spent decades sharpening her skills of designing evocative images that convert sales and the technical chops to pull them off.

What is an Artful Cover?

My design process for book cover design stresses four critical elements book promotion:

Genre    Above all else, while a successful book cover needs a distinctive edge, it must reflect current genre norms. Imagery, color scheme, and font will factor heavily to draw readers and communicate your book’s adherence to the elements they love about that genre/subgenre.

Theme    What’s your book’s elevator pitch? Successful book cover designs distill your book’s story, setting, and voice into one iconic image to communicate theme potential readers can spot in a split-second glance while browsing.

Mood    Visual mood elements capture your book’s voice and drive reader engagement. I use every element, from background image and model expression and body language to color palette and font style, to reinforce your story’s mood and help your book attract the right readers.

Hook    What makes your book unique from other similarly themed stories in your genre? While standard cover tropes help to reinforce genre, you’ll want a unique spin to intrigue potential readers and stand apart from the sea of generic copycats.

Even premade book covers are crafted as bespoke designs, with attention to genre and cover trends, evocative imagery, professional stock and fonts, and consistent mood elements.

Every book cover design should tell a story. What’s yours?

Premade Book Cover Designs : Diversity Matters

I offer a wide range of premade book cover designs, with themes and subjects popular in best-selling genres and an emphasis on inclusion and diversity to give more affordable cover options to #OwnVoices authors. If you don’t see what you need, please contact me with a request to add more of a genre, theme, or diverse representation in future updates of premade cover designs.

Custom Book Cover Designs : Packages for Diverse Priorities

Before we design a cover, you get to decide where our priorities for the project should lie. Would you prefer a clean, uncomplicated cover with extra budget for promotion, a complex art piece with limitless possibilities, or a balance of craft and budget? Every project has different needs, so our process will be as bespoke as your cover.
A few things you can count on:
• You can be as involved as you want in the concept and design process; I’m a big fan of collaboration.
• You can also be as disengaged as you want. So long as we can connect to make selections and review drafts for feedback and revisions, I’ll handle the rest.
• You always have the final say. While I may have strong opinions and will always caution against choices I feel hurt the design, I never lose sight of whose name is on the cover.
• You’ll have extensive image options. I use several stock agencies, and will gladly shop and purchase stock wherever we find the right image for your cover, including specialty stock sites like NeoStock and Period Images.
• You don’t have to tip-toe around criticism. I’ve worked as a freelancer for most of my career, so have zero ego about edits and revisions.
My custom cover design packages cover the spectrum from the $250 Basic for clean affordable covers to the $600 Grand for a more complex and all-inclusive process. Or add a la carte services to hit your cover and budget sweet spot.

Social Media Graphics and Swag

Why stop your marketing juggernaut at a winning book cover design? Add social media graphics to your order to power your promotional machine. With affordable packages to suit your budget and online presence and a variety of promo swag options, you’ll probably find whatever you need. But since I’ve designed everything from branded buttons and gear to entire product launches and trade show booths, there’s no limit to the killer promo pieces we can make.

Need some extra help with branding and promotion?

With decades of experience in branding and marketing within the fashion, entertainment and creative content industries, plus an emphasis on image and lifestyle brands, I can help with author and series branding, launch and sale promotions, and email campaigns. Just send me some details via my Contact form to inquire about consulting rates to get started.