Moon Age: Daydream 1 $199

A scifi premade book cover design


Moon Age Daydream: a scifi premade book cover design for self-published authors by Artful Cover

Moon Age (Daydream 1)
base price: $199.00
add print cover: $75.00
Genres: science fiction, scifi literary fiction, YA science fiction

Moon Age (Daydream 1) is a scifi premade book cover design that would also suit scifi-themed literary fiction and YA titles. Golden moons in a moon-cycle pattern sit above and below simple ivory and gold titling in a contemporary style with slim pinstripes against the backdrop of a starry black sky. This premade book cover design includes existing text as shown. Text features can be modified in type color, font, and positioning or more features may be added, though these changes may require additional design costs.

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